Brooklyn Lock Repair

Need your locks repaired in Brooklyn NYC? Maybe they have become stuck, aren’t closing properly or need some service in order to make them turn smoothly again. Whatever the case, we can get your locks back to working order quickly and professionally 24 Hours a day!

We can repair the locks at your home, or office, and even when your locks are of a high security grade we can get the job done right. We work on many different types of locks including high security locks, garage door locks, gate locks , cylinder lock sets, mortise locks and rim locks.  We can fix door latches of all kinds as well and adjust your doors if they are a problem.

When locks need repairing we will use our special expertise and tools to take the lock assembly off the door-frame and repair the part from the inside out. Sometimes a simple replacement of a wafer will make the locks work great again, and sometimes there are more parts that need to be replaced. In extreme cases a whole new lock will need to be installed, calling on our lock replacement services.

Give us a call at any time of the day or night and we will be ready to repair your locks in Brooklyn New York!